Immix Group - Products and Services

Our Products and Services

The Immix Group can provide you with a full range of employee benefit products, creatively structured to customize your plan and optimize your healthcare spending. Those products include:

  • Life Insurance


    Life Insurance pays a lump sum cash benefit to a beneficiary named by the employee, upon the death of the insured employee.

  • Dependant life insurance


    Dependant life insurance pays a lump sum cash benefit to an employee, on the death of an insured spouse or child.

  • Accidental death &
    dismemberment insurance

    Accidental Death & Dismemberment pays either a death benefit upon the accidental death of an insured employee, or a portion of the benefit in the event of dismemberment.

  • Short-term disability


    Short Term Disability provides income replacement to a sick or injured employee who is unable to work; this generally provides payment for a maximum duration of 17 weeks.

  • Long-term disability


    Long Term Disability provides income replacement to a sick or injured employee who is unable to work; this generally begins after 17 weeks of disability, and often continues to age 65.

  • Critical Illness insurance


    Critical Illness insurance provides a lump sum benefit to the insured employee or dependant based on the diagnosis of one of the insured critical illness such as cancer, heart attack or stroke.

  • Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) plans

    GSI plans are an innovatively structured long term disability program that provides a portion of high-quality, individually owned, portable disability coverage in combination with the Group LTD plan.

  • Extended health care


    Extended Health Care provides coverage for a broad range of healthcare expenses including drugs, vision, paramedical services, equipment, supplies, hospital, and emergency travel medical expenses.

  • Dental care


    Dental Insurance provides coverage for dental services, typically falling into three categories; basic preventative and restorative, major restorative services and orthodontic services.

  • Private Health Service plans


    Private Health Service Plans allow for tax efficient and CRA-compliant reimbursement of eligible medical expenses for incorporated companies, often used in the absence of an insured health or dental plan.

  • Cost-plus plans


    Cost Plus provide an available tax efficient reimbursement method for CRA-approved eligible medical expenses, when an insured health or dental plan is in place, but the item is not covered.

  • Health spending accounts


    Health Spending Accounts offer a pre-determined dollar amount of available spending, with claims adjudicated by an insurance carrier, for tax efficient reimbursement of CRA-approved eligible medical expenses.

  • Group Savings Plans

    Group Savings Plans are employer- sponsored group savings programs including Group RRSPs, TFSAs, DPSPs and Pensions, which provide tax advantages through payroll deduction, and low investment fees through group purchasing.

  • Conversion Plans

    Conversion Plans allow members terminating from a group plan to set-up personally owned health and dental coverage with no medical underwriting, when applying within 60 days of leaving a group plan.

  • Emergency Travel Coverage

    Emergency Travel Coverage provides insured members with medical emergency travel coverage and travel assistance services when they are travelling out of the province or country.

  • Individual Health &
    Dental Plans

    Individual Health & Dental Plans offer comprehensive health and dental coverage for individuals and their families. These plans provide coverage for prescription drugs, vision, dental and much more.