Implementing a
Group Savings Plan
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The Ultimate Group Savings Plan Guide:

A Comprehensive Guide to Group Savings Plans
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In this guide you will:
  • Learn six key benefits of Group Savings Plans for employers and employees.

  • Find a 13-factor checklist to consider, from developing your company philosophy to choosing the right investment provider.

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  • Understand exactly how investment fees work – and the cost to you, the employer.

  • Find an at-a-glance, side-by-side comparison of RRSPs, DPSPs, RPPs and TFSAs.

  • Learn how improved financial literacy leads to reduced employee stress.

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Group Savings Plan

Reasons to consider implementing a Groups Savings Plan:

  • Financial Literacy

  • Financial Well-being

Set yourself apart as an employer:
Offer your people the opportunity to save for their futures!

It gives your company a competitive edge.

Despite the process being simple and easy, most employers are not providing their teams with the opportunity to join an employer-sponsored group savings program such as a group RRSP, TFSA or DPSP. These employers aren’t taking advantage of this very simple, very meaningful way to help reward employees and cement their loyalty. Implementing a plan makes your company stand out—in a good way.

It’s part of a comprehensive benefits offering.

If you’ve already implemented a comprehensive health benefits program, and you’re paying competitive salaries within your industry and for your location, the next step is implementing a group savings program.

It’s cost-effective.

Generally speaking, other than a very small amount of administration time, the only cost to you as the employer is whatever you decide to contribute to your employees. If it’s just not in the budget, you can still set up a plan that is for voluntary employee contributions only.

Help your team to succeed.

Saving money is hard, and it’s stressful. Show your employees that you care about them and their future. Help them to save for their goals, whether it’s for a down payment or for retirement. Just as with employee health insurance plans, your team will truly appreciate a group savings program. These plans are highly valued, far beyond the dollar equivalent in a salary raise.

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The Ultimate Group Savings Plan Guide

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