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Transforming health coverage to meet your changing needs.

The work world is evolving. We're transforming health coverage to meet your changing needs. Provincial government health plans do not fully cover the costs of many health care services, leaving you vulnerable.
Supplemental health and dental plans can fill those gaps and provide you with the protection you need.

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The Fact

A well-designed group benefits package will help to attract, engage and retain the best employees.

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The Need

A plan customized to your current situation and flexible enough to change as your organization does.

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The Solution

Immix Group: A specialty company with an exclusive focus on employee benefits.

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The Benefit

An affordable, effective and innovatively structured program tailored specifically to your unique needs.

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Immix Group: Vancouver's Employee Benefit Company

Employee benefit programs need to be dynamic – flexible enough not only to keep up with the way your business changes over the years, but with the many and varied external factors that affect your plan. This means that someone has to pay attention to the changes – and to keep updating your benefits in the most effective and economical way possible. It’s vital, therefore, that your employee benefits be looked after by a specialty firm such as The Immix Group. A specialist can help you:

  • design the right benefits program for your size and industry;
  • make sure the program changes when you need it to;
  • educate your employees;
  • and keep control over costs without compromising the attractiveness of your benefits plan.

In other words, to get the most out of your benefits program, you need more than just an insurance company or a broker. You need an employee benefits partner. The Immix Group was created to focus solely on employee benefits. We are the specialists – the partner – you need.

What Our Clients are Saying About Us

I found the solution with Immix Group...
“By very good fortune, I was referred to Immix Group (Ciccone/McKay) and have not looked back for over 20 years. My previous benefits provider was unresponsive and I needed a team that would better suit my company’s corporate culture....”
Warwick Reid – élan Data Makers

The service that they have provided us has been top rate...
"They have been instrumental in helping my company of over 200 employees incorporate a new employee benefits program. The service that they have provided us has been top rate. They are very tenacious and diligent with the information they provide to us, ensuring that all of our needs are taken care of ...”
Rick Ripoli – Stylus Sofas, Burnaby, BC


March is Fraud Prevention Month – and you can help!

insurance fraud Prevention by Immix Group Vancouver
By Lindsay Davis, Vice President, Immix Group on March 14, 2018


Benefits fraud is a topic that just keeps trending. There’s good reason for that. Fraud is a huge problem within the world of benefits. It impacts everyone – and it hurts everyone.

Benefits fraud is insidious. It takes all forms. Plan members, plan sponsors and service providers: All have been complicit in acts of fraud.

The financial impact is significant. While estimates range, industry experts’ best guess is that two to 10% of healthcare dollars – that’s up to $12 billion per year – are lost to fraud. This is money that could pay for a lot of legitimate, much-needed expenses!

Two of the most common complaints we hear from employees are about:
1) the cost of their benefits
2) what their plan doesn’t cover.

The irony is that, the more a plan covers, the more it costs. And, when fraud sucks away valuable healthcare dollars, it directly impacts the quality of the coverage that can be provided to members.

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