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Immix Group:

Immix Group

The Immix Group was created to focus solely on employee benefits. We are the specialists – the partner – you need.

  • Benefits Experts, with Expert Advice.

    Our team of specialists can help you design or adapt your program to meet the goals and values of your organization.

  • Pricing Protection and Plan Transparency.

    Our unique broker-managed pools provide custom plans with claims transparency, within the protection of a pricing pool.

  • An Extension of your HR Team.

    Our full-service model covers all the details and ensures the smooth ongoing management of your program.

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Immix Group

Transforming health coverage to meet your changing needs

The ImmixPool Advantage

There are many ‘pools’ out there, but none match the transparency, plan options or pricing advantages available through the pools designed and managed by the experts at the Immix Group.

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At the Immix Group, our experts take pride in a detailed, thorough approach that involves analyzing and examining every aspect of your program, and how it fits with the goals, objectives, and values of your organization. We will present you with a clear and detailed analysis of your plan, so you fully understand all aspects of your program, including any potential problems.

Changing benefits doesn’t have to be complicated! Talk to the experts at the Immix Group.

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Mar 02, 2023

Virtual Health Care is Everywhere: Employer vs. Free Options, and the latest in Offerings.

Back in 2020, we wrote about virtual care offerings, at the time prompted by the pandemic and the lockdown we were experiencing, which made routine doctor visits close to impossible.
While virtual care was available pre-pandemic (in fact, it dates back to around 2006), it was inconsistent...

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Jan 04, 2023

Top Benefits Conversations of 2022

It’s a wrap! As we begin the New Year with refreshed energy and excitement for what 2023 may bring, we wanted to share a recap of the key stories in benefits over 2022.

The theme of our client meetings this year can be summed up in one simple sentence “Where did all the people go?” Businesses struggled to hire (and retain) qualified people. Employers told us they had candidates

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