Why Choose Us

There are many reasons why you should choose Immix Group for your employee benefit solutions. Here are just a few:

The Immix Group specializes in employee benefits.
We are not generalists offering a wide spectrum of financial services. We are focused on group benefits and group savings plans and have a vast and ready store of knowledge to draw on to create highly customized benefit programs for any company.


Our key personnel have hundreds of years of experience in employee benefits.
These experts know there is more than one way to structure a flexible, affordable, and comprehensive benefits program. With team members from varying backgrounds, we have the experience and the industry know-how to assess your goals and objectives, then build and manage the right plan for your team.


We work hard to get to know your business and its needs.
We need to know a lot about you, your company, your employees and your objectives before we can effectively assess your current plan or make recommendations for an employee benefits program. This means we need to ask questions and gather information in order to get to know you. We need to fully understand where you are at, and where you want to be; which is why our 7-Step Plan Management Process begins with “Meet & Get to Know One Another.”


Custom solutions, as unique as your organization
We know that one size does not fit all! Helping you design a program as unique as your group of employees is our expertise. Using our discovery process, we can finetune your existing program or build a custom plan for you, using industry benchmarking info, demographic data and the latest in benefits to design the right program for your organization.


We know that controlling costs is important to our clients.
This is why we have designed unique, proprietary pricing agreements with multiple major carriers, that allow us to control costs for our clients. Our pricing arrangements with the carriers with whom we work are the best available in the industry. With Immix, you never need to worry that you are overpaying for your benefits program.


Easy, problem-free program implementation and updates
We promise that making changes to your benefits program is easy with the Immix Group. On your behalf, we will work with the chosen carriers to determine the implementation strategy and timeline for a smooth transition to your new or adapted program and will assist you in communicating with your team and rolling out your program. We know that change can be stressful, but with the capable experts at the Immix Group, we can assure smooth sailing for your benefits plan.


Setting up a benefits program is just the beginning of our relationship
At Immix Group, our relationship with our clients is only beginning once your plan is in place. We understand that ongoing program management and continual updating is just as important as the initial launch. Our 7-Step Process ensures frequent in-depth reviews so we can learn of your changing needs and integrate the latest in benefits, to keep your plan competitive and dynamic.


At Immix, we’re an extension of your HR Team
At Immix we work hand in hand with your HR personnel. Our dedicated account executives and benefit coordinators are intimately knowledgeable as to our client’s program and organizational needs and preferences. In contrast to many of our competitors, we want you to come to us with all your questions. Whether it’s a challenging employee situation or simple updates, we are your main point of contact for anything benefits related.


We have a program of proactive communication
At Immix, it’s important to us that you are kept in the loop on the latest industry trends, programs, and services, and on key changes and initiatives relating to health and wellness. Our 7-Step Process includes systematic proactive communication as a key component of our ongoing plan management. Whether it’s through updates to our website and social media, virtual or in-person administrator or employee education events, we ensure you are kept informed.


Affordable and innovatively structured employee benefit programs