Pooled Benefits


Joining a pricing pool for your benefits plan makes good business sense,
whether you’re a small, medium or even a larger sized company!

Pooled Benefits

Put More Buying Power to Work For You

Becoming part of the ImmixPool means leveraging the buying power of a large group of businesses, of varying employee numbers, and across multiple industries. Joining forces with other groups means you can leverage economies of scale to acquire preferred status. That means better benefits solutions for your employees, and a better bottom line for you. It’s the smart strategy!

Pooled Benefits

Diversity is Good for You

One of the greatest advantages of the ImmixPool is your exposure is spread across a range of industries, which helps minimize your risk and keeps costs as low as possible. Additionally, certain companies cannot always access the plan design features they desire. The ImmixPool solves this with the power of the pool working in your favour. Rather than being more restrictive in terms of plan design (like some pools!) you have greater options in the ImmixPool.

Pooled Benefits

Greater Transparency

There are many ‘pools’ out there. Unfortunately, many of these hide the claims usage data, and provide rate adjustments based on unknown or unspecific factors. In contrast, the ImmixPool allows our clients to see all available claims data. We’re not talking about confidential details, but rather how much was spent by your group on certain areas of coverage. At the Immix Group, we believe in keeping everything above board, so all our clients can make informed decisions.

Pooled Benefits

We Handle Everything

At the Immix Group, we handle everything from start to finish with no extra charges – that includes all administration and all correspondence with carriers. For you, this means not needing in-house resources or a third party to deal with defining the plan that suits you best, or the day-to-day challenges of managing your benefits plan. Plus, you have access to our knowledgeable benefits experts. The result? Better benefits, better advice and better service at a lower cost.

Pooled Benefits

Lower Administration Cost

The most significant reason to join ImmixPool? You are able to access the low administrative fees normally reserved for very large groups, even if you are a very small group of employees! Due to pricing our programs ‘in-house’ we are able to offer rate guarantees and customized pricing plans to those who jump in the ImmixPool.


Your Best Strategy for A Better Benefits Plan.