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Conversion Plans- Individual Health Care & Dental Plans

Help ensure individuals do not lose coverage between jobs and in retirement

When changing employers, leaving a company, or retiring from the workforce, considering healthcare and dental costs and options can be stressful for many people. 


A gap in health and dental coverage can mean significant out-of-pocket expenses for some families. Unfortunately, many individuals do not qualify for coverage due to health issues. The solution to this concern is a ‘conversion plan,’ which offers uninterrupted coverage without medical approval.


When a member applies for individual Extended Health and/or Dental coverage within 60 days of losing coverage under an employer-sponsored plan, they are guaranteed coverage with no medical underwriting.  Unlike typical individual health and dental plans, these plans cover pre-existing conditions and acceptance is guaranteed.



Most Conversion plans offer coverage for the following:

  • Prescription Drugs
  • Medical Equipment & Supplies
  • Nursing and Homecare Support
  • Vision Care
  • Hospital benefits
  • Registered Therapists and Specialists
  • Dental Care Services


To qualify, members must apply within 60 days from the date their group coverage terminated. They must have been covered under a group plan for at least 6 consecutive months. Action coverage under their provincial government health plan must be in place.


Each insurance provider offers several options to choose from so that individuals can select the coverage that best suits their needs and budget. Several insurance carriers offer conversion plans; the carrier does not have to be the same one through which the individual had group benefits.


Coverage will likely not be identical to the coverage under the plan; however, plans are comprehensive and cover most medically necessary expenses that individuals and families incur.


As an employer, you can educate terminating employees about this option. Please feel free to have them contact our office at 604-688-5559 or  for assistance in choosing the best option for their situation.



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